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  • If you have questions concerning an individual item, please contact the seller of that item. Do not contact Chrono24 concerning questions about the condition of an item or about shipping/ payment. 

  • Chrono24 does not buy watches. If you have a watch for sale, place an ad or contact a professional dealer.

Thank you for your payment. We will let you know as soon as we have received it. Please ignore any further messages asking you to complete your payment. These messages are generated automatically and will be turned off once the payment has been received.

Please note that bank transfers take 2-3 days.

If you don't sell your watch within 6 months, we will refund you the entire listing fee. This requires that your watch was on Chrono24 for 6 months without being sold and that it is still in your possession. Write a message about this using the contact form.

Please note that, according to our general terms and conditions, we cannot issue a refund to private sellers if you have already sold the watch somewhere else. You can find all important information in our FAQ under "Selling Watches Privately on Chrono24".

Chrono24 doesn't evaluate any watches itself. You can search for similar watches on Chrono24 to get an idea of the price. To find out the exact value of your watch, it is best to seek out a local watch dealer.

Find all the information about selling your watch on Chrono24 here: Learn more

To buy a watch, go to the offer page and click on the green "Buy" button. Then follow the instructions. After that, we will inform you of every further step via email.

If the seller doesn't contact you within 5 days, you can try to call them. You can find their telephone number on the offer page under the "Seller" information box.

Any questions about features, condition, availability, or delivery should be directed to the seller. You can send them a message using the "Contact Seller" button. Most sellers can also be reached via telephone. Their telephone number can be found on the offer page under the "Seller" information box.

Find the answers to frequently asked questions on Chrono24 here.


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